Value Based Helath Care (VBHC) - 5 day course about the future of health care

Value based health care (VBHC) - the future for the health care sector?

Value Based Health Care (VBHC) is a delivery model where value is defined as the outcomes achieved for patients relative to costs. The concept behind VBHC is that the healthcare system is focused on achieving predetermined patient outcomes, whilst optimizing the use of resources through integrated healthcare. The goal is to achieve better outcomes for patients while resources in the system are more efficiently utilized. This idea is in contrast to the current way of managing healthcare systems through activity-based financing and performance management.

It is estimated that today up to 30% of resources in healthcare are wasted through unnecessary procedures, inefficient management, non-response to treatment etc. VBHC recognizes that healthcare reform requires major changes in organization and strategies in how healthcare is delivered, measured and reimbursed. One of the key drivers of VBHC is the increasing need to optimize the resources that go into health care. In addition, the many opportunities in real world data and digital solutions enable better patient self-monitoring and self-care, placing the patient in a more central role.

  • What is Value Based Healthcare (VBHC)?
  • The theory of VBHC and public management theory
  • Digital health: what is it?
  • Real World Data, what is it good for, how can we use it, what restrictions are there?
  • Practicing VBHC: examples from the real world
  • New players and business models for industry
  • The new competition, digital companies and why data is the new gold
  • Impact on patients, what are patient-relevant outcomes, and how is this different from today?

People who work in healthcare, public health, the pharmaceutical, device and diagnostics industry or the public sector. For example, managers and providers in the health care sector, employees from the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and device industry, researchers at universities or research institutions, as well as politicians at local and national level.

The course is preapproved as an elective in the Master of Industrial Drug Development (MIND) programme and the Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs (MRA) programme.

Participants must:

  • Hold a relevant bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of relevant job experience
  • Be proficient in English


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“This is my second time at the Summer University of Copenhagen and I still keep on being amazed about the atmosphere around continuing educational process”
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“Good course. Well-selected and  relevant topics.”
Mikhail Kalinichev, Director, Ipsen Innovation on the course Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products

“Very educational. Teachers are very passionate and  knowledgeable.”
Wendy van Loon, Quality Assessor, Medicines Evaluation Board on the course Quality by Design in Pharmaceutical Development,

Course directors

Course information

Duration: 5 days
Dates and time: August 19-23, 2019, 9 am - 4.30 pm
Price: EUR 2,680 (DKK 19,900) excl. Danish VAT. The price includes tuition, course material and all meals during course hours.
Language: English
Location: South Campus, Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Registration deadline: June 19, 2019
Contact: Copenhagen Summer University
+45 3533 3423

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