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Examination in Biopharmaceuticals Drug Development

Type of examination

A written report based on a case story from the course. The report must be based on the common course syllabus (approximately 300 pages: collections of review papers, textbook chapters, case stories and handouts from course presentations) and an individual selection of literature (scientific articles, regulatory documents, etc.) relevant for the selected case.
It is your own choice what the main topic of the report should be it can be a broader discussion of several topics and questions raised during the course, it can be reflection based on one of the cases used during the course or an in-depth discussion of a relevant topic. If in doubt ask the course organizer during the course.


Deadline for submission in Digital Eksamen : 23rd October at 2 p.m.


Pass/Fail, graded by the course organizers.

Pass criteria

The expectation to the format is as for a scientific paper, with a clear statement of purpose, discussion and conclusion. It is important to include literature references in the report and we expect no more than 7-10 pages (excl. references).
To pass the exam, the participant must have:

  • Written a comprehensive and structured report on a selected case in his/hers own words, which is based on relevant literature from multiple sources.
  • Demonstrated an ability to find, understand and discuss relevant literature for the selected case.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and the ability to use the terms used in the field of biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the central concepts and disciplines relevant for the selected case.


Hanne Mørck Nielsen, Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen and Stine Harloff-Helleberg,  Postdoc, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Course credits

3 ECTS credits = a student workload of approx. 82 hours


Master's level (second cycle higher education).


If you pass the exam, you will receive a course certificate from the University of Copenhagen stating course title, contents, credits and level.