Biopharmaceuticals Drug Development

Hanne Mørck Nielsen

Professor, Ph.D. (pharm.)

University of Copenhagen
Department of Pharmacy
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Universitetsparken 2
2100 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 3533 6346

Hanne Mørck Nielsen is leading the Center for Biopharmaceuticals and Biobarriers in Drug Delivery (BioDelivery) within the research group Drug Delivery and Biophysics of Biopharmaceuticals at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen. In 2000, she received her PhD on research conducted at the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy (Denmark) and Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (The Netherlands), and completed postdoctoral studies at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ, Switzerland) in 2002. Since then, she has worked at University of Copenhagen and completed several leadership and teaching courses e.g., at Harvard Business School (USA). In 2016, Hanne was employed as a full professor in Biopharmaceuticals - Drug Design and Delivery.

The research aims towards designing and evaluating drug delivery systems for biopharmaceuticals to treat seriously ill patients through efficient delivery of the active therapeutic molecules to their target site. We focus on delivery of peptide and protein drugs and take a mechanistic approach to understanding the fundamental challenges of formulation design and development. The molecular properties of the drug and excipient molecules and the properties of the drug delivery system are characterized in relation to specific interactions with the complex biological matrices. In particular, interaction with cell membranes, tight epithelial tissues, and the mucus that surface-line all mucosal tissues are investigated.

The research has resulted in more than 110 peer-reviewed scientific publications and around 50 popular scientific publications within the field of research. Hanne has supervised numerous post docs and PhD students, and teaches undergraduate students enrolled at PharmaSchool as well as graduate enrolled under various PhD programmes.