Data Science with R

Niels Richard Hansen


University of Copenhagen
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Universitetsparken 5, E/04
2100 København Ø

Phone: +45 3532 0783

Niels Richard Hansen is professor at the department of Mathematical Science at the University of Copenhagen and obtained his PhD in Statistics from the University of Copenhagen in 2004.

His main interest is in understanding how model uncertainty can be assessed and translated into usable methodology. He works on methods for data analysis that are both applicable and scalable to large-scale data analysis while at the same time amenable to mathematical analysis. The methods find applications to predictive as well as causal modeling.

Past research interests include applied and computational probability theory, Markov chains and biological sequence analysis. Since 2010 Niels has focused more on statistics, in particular aspects related to computational statistics, R software development and model selection questions.

Niels is currently leading the research project Causal inference with incomplete data, funded by VILLUM FONDEN.