Adfærdsøkonomi og Psykologiske Valg – bagom menneskelig irrationalitet og "nudging"

Alexander Sebald

Associate Professor

University of Copenhagen
Department of Economics
Øster Farimagsgade 5, build. 26.1.14
DK- 1353 København N

Phone: +45 3532 4418

Alexander Sebald is an associate professor at the Economics Department at the University of Copenhagen. He holds a joint PhD in Economics from Maastricht University and the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

His main fields of research which he also regularly publishes on in international peer-reviewed journals are “behavioral economics”, “contract theory” and “experimental economics”.

As an example of his experimental work, Alexander currently prepares a large-scale Internet experiment with a representative sample of the Danish working age population – a project funding by the Frie Forskningsråd. Therein he and other international collaborators analyze people’s reactions to subjective performance feedback and choice of evaluation procedure. Alexander’s theoretical work, on the other hand, centers on issues like procedural fairness, asymmetric awareness as well as the impact of emotions like reciprocity and guilt aversion on performance incentives, optimal contracts and welfare.

His research interests are of importance to firms, businesses and governments. For example, Alexander’s experimental and theoretical findings with regard to people’s procedural concerns provide useful insights for firms and HR-managers as they are highly relevant for the optimal design of appointment and promotion systems.

In addition to his research, Alexander has also extensive teaching experience. For example, he designed and currently teaches a course in `Behavioral Economics and Finance´ as well as a seminar in `Behavioral and Experimental Economics´ at the University of Copenhagen in which students learn about recent debates and issues in Behavioral Finance as well as Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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